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  • Has Popular Music Entered a New Era of Social Politics?

    FOR HUFFINGTON POST “If the kids are united, then we’ll never be divided” – Sham 69 The rallying cry of youth in the sixties and seventies was about us, about we, aboutour generation. A political statement of unity, and a desire to belong and be heard – together. Throughout the centuries, art has been a […]

  • How A Dream Inspired A Career Change

    From Huffington Post: In September 2003 my eldest son woke me with my morning coffee – a weekend treat. I was disorientated; I’d been dreaming but my subconscious hadn’t let the dream go. I sat in bed, drinking my coffee, recalling the dream with clarity: a schoolgirl leaves her English homework on a park bench. […]


    Music was my first love. Before I started writing, I learned my creative and skills through the music industry. Yes, I’ve performed on stage and produced, remixed and done the DJ gigs too and my heart has always been with music and its creators since I was young enough to remember. My memories are built […]