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  • Creativity as an Enthusiast or a Career?

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Encouraging children to follow their passions, and become skilled and knowledgeable in that capacity is important. Parents and teachers have a moral responsibility to do so, yet it’s rarely exercised. Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk discusses this in detail; children are conditioned to prioritise money over creativity in the […]

  • Why Your Memory Betrays You

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Have you ever revisited a place you were once familiar with, only to find your memory of the area has changed? Have you ever reminisced about an event you shared with a friend or relative to find their account of the adventure was different to yours? This happens to us […]

  • The Bookavid – Guest Blog

    I’ve learnt to have a rough idea of the characters a little before I begin because I can put myself into the mind-set of the characters while I research, and this helps turn knowledge to inspiration. For example, while researching for Ring of Conscience, I knew my protagonist had a sense of wonder and curiosity. […]

  • Building a Design for Life in 2016

    FOR HUFFINGTON POST It’s taken me three years to discover American Author, David Wong’s brutal article listing harsh truths to become a better person. We are what we do regardless of how we think and treat other people. Sometimes it’s important to understand the mechanics of our actions and look at ourselves scientifically. Our brain is […]

  • How to Stimulate Your Sense of Wonder

    FOR HUFFINGTON POST In Andrew Stanton’s 2012 TED Talk on Storytelling he details his sense of wonder, when at five-years-old he was taken to see Bambi at the cinema. He explains how wonder is innocent and honest, and that it can’t be artificially evoked. It’s the mystery ingredient missing from many stories. The science of […]

  • Where Does Inspiration Come From?

    It’s a question I’m often asked, especially where I have conjured up complex treasure hunts. I am always fascinated by the stories from other authors. For Ring of Conscience, the idea of an online treasure hunt spurned from games I played with the kids as they were growing into their tweens. It helped that they […]

  • Georgia’s Books

    Following her excellent review of Ring of Conscience last week Georgia’s books asked for an interview which I have re-blogged below – EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR INTERVIEW! MEET JAMES STODDAH Ring of Conscience is a mystery/thriller by James Stoddah which I reviewed last week. I found myself caught up in the mystery, almost as a side-line character. One […]

  • The Story Behind The Story

    When I was nineteen I stole the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Until I was caught. I had dropped my ring, with its distinctive symbol on it and the police traced it back to me. Of course, it was a dream. I honestly woke […]


    Music was my first love. Before I started writing, I learned my creative and skills through the music industry. Yes, I’ve performed on stage and produced, remixed and done the DJ gigs too and my heart has always been with music and its creators since I was young enough to remember. My memories are built […]