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  • Coffeed Out

    COFFEED IN (since the lockdown) I’m finally emerging from my social-media hiatus. I’ve been writing a new book, Coffeed Out – a diary of a recovering agoraphobic. I’ve been documenting my attempts to get out of the house and venture into the real world in a humorous, yet, honest way. There are plenty of existential […]

  • Has Popular Music Entered a New Era of Social Politics?

    FOR HUFFINGTON POST “If the kids are united, then we’ll never be divided” – Sham 69 The rallying cry of youth in the sixties and seventies was about us, about we, aboutour generation. A political statement of unity, and a desire to belong and be heard – together. Throughout the centuries, art has been a […]

  • How A Dream Inspired A Career Change

    From Huffington Post: In September 2003 my eldest son woke me with my morning coffee – a weekend treat. I was disorientated; I’d been dreaming but my subconscious hadn’t let the dream go. I sat in bed, drinking my coffee, recalling the dream with clarity: a schoolgirl leaves her English homework on a park bench. […]

  • The Book Igloo

    Good reviews continue for “Ring of Conscience” I recently stumbled upon this excellent book review blog – The Book Igloo: Reblogged from __________________________   My thoughts:  Oh wow. James Stoddah has really leapt forward with the times, by writing one of the first, (I believe), interactive novels. The best thing about this novel, is […]

  • December 2014 Update.

    Thank you once again for all your positive feedback for Ring of Conscience. 5 Star reviews continue on Amazon and Goodreads following the Kindle promotion last month. The new book, “A Parallel Trust” is finished and edited and I’m awaiting a release date for this. I’ve been overwhelmed with the praise from the beta-reads and […]

  • A Parallel Trust: Teaser Tumblr!?

    New book, A Parallel Trust is now complete. The release date will be announced shortly, together with full blurb and separate website. However, as a little teaser I have created a mood-board blog on Tumblr. Feel free to follow as I intend to update this regularly.

  • Autumn 2014 Update

    I used to love autumn when I was I was young. At junior school, I would get up early and ride to the park to collect conkers before school started. I would fill the saddle bag and exchange them with friends during the day. The songs in my mind at the time would always stay […]


    “Ring of Conscience” is finally released and gaining excellent reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. If you have read the book and enjoyed it please comment and rate as it all helps. NEW BOOK TRAILER A PARALLEL TRUST The new book in the series “A Parallel Trust” has been written and is currently with the editor. […]

  • Georgia’s Books

    Following her excellent review of Ring of Conscience last week Georgia’s books asked for an interview which I have re-blogged below – EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR INTERVIEW! MEET JAMES STODDAH Ring of Conscience is a mystery/thriller by James Stoddah which I reviewed last week. I found myself caught up in the mystery, almost as a side-line character. One […]


    Good news! I can finally confirm the release date for ‘Ring of Conscience’ as JUNE 30th 2014. The book will be available on Amazon in print and e-book and can be ordered directly from all good book shops. It will be available outside the UK via Amazon. Ring of Conscience is a mystery-thriller which follows the trail of […]