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  • Cover reveal: Unwinding Time

    Unwinding Time will be released on October 2nd 2018. PRESS RELEASE An accident. A discovery. The curiosity of a passionate young artist. In James Stoodah’s mystery-fiction novel Unwinding Time, Kayleigh Halsey, crippled by anxiety, moves to the Lake District to escape the trauma of her past. An innocent question sees her investigating a mystery and […]


    When I was fourteen, I moved into a small-holding near Penruddock, a small village on the edge of the Lake District’s Matterdale Valley. It was a small farmhouse with two huge barns either side. When my mother bought it, the house had no electric, no water or sanitation – not even an access road. Her […]

  • A small update…

    I have been quiet on my website but it’s been a busy year. I have written my new book “Viewpoint” and as soon as I have the release details I will let you know. I am also starting the next Riley’s Investigations contemporary mystery over the coming weeks. I’ve had a rest from blogging on […]

  • ** NEW BOOK **

    Viewpoint I have finished writing my new book Viewpoint, which will be released in early 2018. Viewpoint is a Young-Adult fiction novel – still a mystery, but separate from the Riley’s Investigation series of contemporary mysteries (Ring of Conscience and A Parallel Trust). Viewpoint follows a young artist, with a dark past, who investigates an […]

  • Where is HOME?

    A good friend of mine shared a question posed by guitarist, Chris Wood on her Facebook page: “Bob Dylan described eloquently how his music has been the quest to get home. Now as much as ever feels like a good time to ask you; what feels like home to you? Are you there already or […]

  • Facebook: A Museum of Memories

    View original blog on Huffington Post Earlier this year, I had an unwelcome reminder of my age. I received an invite to a Facebook group, QEGS @50. My school year were all turning 50 this year so the group was founded to organize a reunion. Accepting the invite opened a magical box of retrospect. The […]

  • Creativity as an Enthusiast or a Career?

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Encouraging children to follow their passions, and become skilled and knowledgeable in that capacity is important. Parents and teachers have a moral responsibility to do so, yet it’s rarely exercised. Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk discusses this in detail; children are conditioned to prioritise money over creativity in the […]

  • Why Your Memory Betrays You

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Have you ever revisited a place you were once familiar with, only to find your memory of the area has changed? Have you ever reminisced about an event you shared with a friend or relative to find their account of the adventure was different to yours? This happens to us […]

  • Finding Inspiration Through Grief

    (Taken from Huffington Post) Few people will mourn the passing of January 2016. The month has claimed too many talented artists. By the time the news of Colin Vearncombe’s death broke, I felt crushed. I didn’t know him, I didn’t know David Bowie or Glenn Frey either but when you become so familiar with what […]

  • Emily Reads Everything – Guest Blog

    GEOCACHING TREASURE The Inspiration for A Parallel Trust. When my eldest son was seventeen, he and a friend travelled to see their friends in Santa Rosa, California. When he returned he was buzzing about his time out there, much of which he spent geocaching. I had never heard of the word before but I was fascinated by […]