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  • Coffeed Out

    COFFEED IN (since the lockdown) I’m finally emerging from my social-media hiatus. I’ve been writing a new book, Coffeed Out – a diary of a recovering agoraphobic. I’ve been documenting my attempts to get out of the house and venture into the real world in a humorous, yet, honest way. There are plenty of existential […]

  • Cover reveal: Unwinding Time

    Unwinding Time will be released on October 2nd 2018. PRESS RELEASE An accident. A discovery. The curiosity of a passionate young artist. In James Stoodah’s mystery-fiction novel Unwinding Time, Kayleigh Halsey, crippled by anxiety, moves to the Lake District to escape the trauma of her past. An innocent question sees her investigating a mystery and […]


    When I was fourteen, I moved into a small-holding near Penruddock, a small village on the edge of the Lake District’s Matterdale Valley. It was a small farmhouse with two huge barns either side. When my mother bought it, the house had no electric, no water or sanitation – not even an access road. Her […]

  • A small update…

    I have been quiet on my website but it’s been a busy year. I have written my new book “Viewpoint” and as soon as I have the release details I will let you know. I am also starting the next Riley’s Investigations contemporary mystery over the coming weeks. I’ve had a rest from blogging on […]

  • ** NEW BOOK **

    Viewpoint I have finished writing my new book Viewpoint, which will be released in early 2018. Viewpoint is a Young-Adult fiction novel – still a mystery, but separate from the Riley’s Investigation series of contemporary mysteries (Ring of Conscience and A Parallel Trust). Viewpoint follows a young artist, with a dark past, who investigates an […]

  • Where is HOME?

    A good friend of mine shared a question posed by guitarist, Chris Wood on her Facebook page: “Bob Dylan described eloquently how his music has been the quest to get home. Now as much as ever feels like a good time to ask you; what feels like home to you? Are you there already or […]

  • Facebook: A Museum of Memories

    View original blog on Huffington Post Earlier this year, I had an unwelcome reminder of my age. I received an invite to a Facebook group, QEGS @50. My school year were all turning 50 this year so the group was founded to organize a reunion. Accepting the invite opened a magical box of retrospect. The […]

  • Creativity as an Enthusiast or a Career?

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Encouraging children to follow their passions, and become skilled and knowledgeable in that capacity is important. Parents and teachers have a moral responsibility to do so, yet it’s rarely exercised. Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk discusses this in detail; children are conditioned to prioritise money over creativity in the […]

  • Why Your Memory Betrays You

    Visit Huffington Post Original Blog Have you ever revisited a place you were once familiar with, only to find your memory of the area has changed? Have you ever reminisced about an event you shared with a friend or relative to find their account of the adventure was different to yours? This happens to us […]

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