“You are what you do”

Or as Aristotle so elegantly put it, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

I am a writer. In today’s multi-social society, where a job is a way to make a living, rather than a career being a way to ‘live your life’ it is a hard thing to accept that we are anything. People exist. Our social circle – friends, family and colleagues – become as much part of our identity as we recognise as being ourselves.

I was born in Kent but lived most of my life in Cumbria, England. Music was my passion and after many years creating, performing and marketing music, I discovered a niche deep inside my soul that was lit up like a beacon, telling me to write. The emotional fulfilment of that process seemed to make me complete – I found my identity, I found out who and what I was.

I love reading. I love entering the world created by another mind – drawing on their experiences and unscrambled words, which form to make an alternative reality – if only for a few days. I am inspired and all I want to do is share that experience with other readers. Novelist, John Green recently said that it is the reader that makes the story not the writer – the book is different for every reader. This is true. The same goes for people. If we take time to create ourselves, we can all have a strong identity, one which allows us to be who we are and embrace our social circles as part of that inner connection.

I am a writer, and I welcome you to my worlds. So show the world who you are.

I, for one, want to know.

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