A Parallel Trust


Could you trust a stranger with your dreams?
What begins as an exciting challenge turns into a countdown to save a young girl’s life…

As seventeen-year old Aril Ousby, the son of a renowned astrophysicist, embarks on a geocache treasure hunt in Britain, a series of kidnappings takes place in the United States. How are these events connected?

Is Aril right to trust the enigmatic architect of the treasure hunt – or is he being led into an elaborate trap? Is the puzzle master motivated by altruism – or greed? And why has he chosen to involve Aril in his scheme?

Aril and his friend Unity are drawn into a mystery that leads them to look at the Earth from a new perspective and to address a fundamental question: can future generations avoid the mistakes their parents made?

“..the action never stops” – “..you’re guaranteed to find yourself hooked on this thrilling journey.” – “..a world of intrigue.” – “..perfectly crafted.”