Coffeed Out

COFFEED IN (since the lockdown)

I’m finally emerging from my social-media hiatus. I’ve been writing a new book, Coffeed Out – a diary of a recovering agoraphobic. I’ve been documenting my attempts to get out of the house and venture into the real world in a humorous, yet, honest way. There are plenty of existential musings, and I discuss my passion for music, art and nature all while documenting the day-to-day life of a publisher and carer.

            My agoraphobia began in 2009 after a series of fainting spells in queues and I spiralled deep into a giant cavern of despair at the mere thought of going outside or being put in any situation where I could be standing still for any length of time. It took three years to step out of my comfort zone and since then it had only been a trickle of small, but significant events. Writing Coffeed Out has forced me to leave the house and adventure inside cafés, restaurants and public spaces in order to write it. I’ve been able to re-engage my inner sense of wonder and have a few laughs at my own expense, exploring my bizarre mindset and distorted vision of the world.

            I’ve enjoyed the experience and it’s exhausted me to write it but I feel good that I’ve been able to. I was doing so well until Covid-19 sent me back to my room. I’ve continued writing into 2020 as it’s a contrasting situation to the one I found myself in. I’ve been forced inside again, but this time it’s not a choice. It feels uncomfortable.

            I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with you and I will be posting some teasers on here over the forthcoming months while I edit and revise the book.