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Good reviews continue for “Ring of Conscience” I recently stumbled upon this excellent book review blog – The Book Igloo:

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Oh wow. James Stoddah has really leapt forward with the times, by writing one of the first, (I believe), interactive novels. The best thing about this novel, is not only the gripping, fast-paced, addictive storyline, but the mystery is also a reality. James Stoddah has created two websites, one from the story itself and the second, another, real life, treasure hunt for readers to participate in and enjoy. (I will put links to the websites below).
The characters are extremely likeable, even the villains, which surprisingly, I felt sorry for some of the antagonists. There is a clash of opinions and emotions between all the characters, with a couple of unstable bad guys thrown in the mix, making this story very intriguing indeed. You have a family of mafia style, casino owners, who feel that they have been wronged by Professor Jason Chadwick’s parents, and therefore are willing to take their bad feelings a step further due to the fact that Jason is a very rich man. However, with Jason’s mysterious death and his own bad, or lack of feelings towards his two sons, he leaves his legacy behind in the form of an online treasure hunt. As soon as the villains find out about this, they are laughing, and they will do anything they can to get their hands on Jason’s money, including kidnapping, blackmailing, and murder.
Don’t despair you romanticists out there! This story isn’t all about crime and mystery. Detectives Thomas Riley and Lucy Bridges develop a beautiful type of forbidden romance throughout the story. Their jobs prevent them from having a relationship, but despite the risk of losing their jobs hanging above their heads, they cannot deny their feelings. Thomas can only see one solution which suits them both, and he needs money to build their dreams, so when Jason’s treasure hunt lands in their department, he is willing to try anything to get his hands on just a little piece of Jason’s legacy. However as Thomas gets more involved, so does Lucy, and they eventually find themselves trapped between their work and the villains, as they try and figure out the clues which Jason has left behind.
There are also strong references to Greek and Roman mythology, and stenography techniques, adding depth and interesting details that the reader can follow. This story is not complicated like so many mystery, thrillers out there. This is a treasure hunt that everyone can follow, even those who are not technophiles!
READ THIS BOOK! There are very few reviews but they are all very good, so we need you, book-lovers, to read and share your opinions. James Stoddah is a relatively new author and he is most definitely one to look out for.

Join the real treasure hunt at…
Have a go at the treasure hunt in the story at

From the current reviews…
The Good: ‘witty and fast-paced’, ‘superb detective adventure’, ‘thrilling and entertaining’, ‘extraordinary realistic’, ‘prose is easy going, yet relentless at the same time’, ‘a master of plot and characterization’, ‘characters are well crafted and original’, ‘a compelling read’, ‘unforeseen plot twists’, ‘an intelligent and elating labyrinth’, ‘adrenaline pumping’, ‘intellectually stimulating’, ‘unique’, ‘an ingenious, brilliantly executed conclusion.’
The Bad: ‘perhaps a bit heavy handed when discussing technical details.’
The Unicorn: ‘Intriguing stenography techniques and the stunning manner in which the protagonist (s) interweaves and interprets them is a tour de force’. ‘This book will appeal to anyone looking for a rare, thrilling page-turner that is easy going and relentless’.

(Note there are very few reviews for this novel, however all reviews are superb, and the ratings are 5/5.)
Kindle Rating:  (5 Stars)

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