Autumn 2014 Update

Shroom cum book?!

I used to love autumn when I was I was young. At junior school, I would get up early and ride to the park to collect conkers before school started. I would fill the saddle bag and exchange them with friends during the day. The songs in my mind at the time would always stay with me. In my late teens I used to make autumn ‘mix tapes’ of songs that had that melancholic autumn feel. I still have many now and listen to them at this time of the year. The songs spark powerful memories of those years. I’ve always been drawn to autumn colours and my living room is decorated in rustic reds, gold and browns. I even love the smells of autumn, the leaves, the mushrooms and the new-wood burning smell as people lit their house fires as the temperature drops.

In recent years, autumn has always represented change, especially as the children grow up and start new schools. Many of the major decisions in my life have been made at this time of year. I’ve had both troubled and exciting times.

I begin autumn 2014 with excitement and anticipation. I have finished my second novel, A Parallel Trust which I’m proud of. It’s the sort of book I have been longing to write and the final product is better than I imagined. I begin a new push for Ring of Conscience now my time is free. My youngest son turned eighteen last month and is already ‘adulting’ with independence and growing confidence.

New challenges lie ahead in turning my career path into a sustainable income source. I’m learning the wonderful world of publishing fast. I miss the music industry but have no desire to return to it for a living. The mystery and magic has returned to music and I can appreciate it now as I did when I was young. It might not retain the same wonder but it still has the ability to embrace and hold all new memories as I embark on this current journey.

I received my first genuine fan mail this week, somebody that read the book and felt strong enough to write a hand-written letter and send it to me. I was humbled, it made my day. I appreciate all the support from friends and family and my mini network of people that help me professionally. I just want to say THANK YOU.

If you haven’t read Ring of Conscience yet, you can order it in shops or buy it online (links below) and if you have read it and enjoyed it, please rate the book on Amazon and Goodreads and feel free to review it. I really do appreciate it.


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