Good news!
I can finally confirm the release date for ‘Ring of Conscience’ as JUNE 30th 2014.

The book will be available on Amazon in print and e-book and can be ordered directly from all good book shops. It will be available outside the UK via Amazon.

Ring of Conscience is a mystery-thriller which follows the trail of two detectives who discover a legacy of $100 Million left in an online treasure hunt. They have to uncover the clues to save their lives and free hostages, as a criminal organisation monitor their investigation, set on retrieving the money for themselves.

The book can be interactive too. The website featured in the book – – exists. The clues work as they do in the book and the reader can try and uncover the clues before the detectives do. These clues find ambiguities in Roman, Greek and British myths and legends with there’s some logical thinking involved in progressing to each stage.

There is also a separate website – – which has been set up in the same way, with the clues working similar to the way they do in the book. This has real prizes – including a solid gold replica of the Ring of Conscience in the book.

There will be a limited number of signed first-edition copies available directly by the publisher. These will be available on pre-order only. More details to be released soon.

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