Is it boom-time for freelance editors?

In the five years since “Ring of Conscience” was written, the whole structure of the publishing industry has changed. The explosion of E-books and hand-held reading devices has finally brought the Publishing industry into the digital age, together with a new style of reader and writer.

Critics (quite rightly) are concerned about the quality of new work, as anybody who thinks they can write, can sell their work on Amazon. Often badly edited and proof-read by a relative, these works serve their purpose to the writer and a select few. I have spent most of my adult life working in the music industry, where the story is similar – only musical merit is less elitist. The industry itself has been strangled by its own hands in not embracing technology fast enough, indeed resisting it, without understanding the needs of the consumer. The Publishing Industry is doing a much better job – but finds its content diluted by a glut of new writers.

Not that this is a bad thing. Even poorly edited books can contain innovative ideas and fascinating stories. People are able to express their creative desires in ways that were never possible before. However, it should not be overlooked, the importance of editing and proof-reading. Yes, it is expensive (sometimes too expensive, and that might contribute to the problem) but essential to allowing the writer to gain a career with their talents. I often see on crowd-funding sites, that writers undervalue their work by trying to raise production costs for manufacture, without even a thought for editing.

There has probably never been a better time for editors and proof-readers. I can see an influx of students graduating in English Language and Literature. As a result I can also see a potential boom-time, not only for editors, but writers as well. I am developing a good networking team for Ring of Conscience and I know that all the things that make it work, wouldn’t happen without their support.

So let us see the industry boom and enjoy all that technology has to offer and let’s see more people taking a career in the literary arts seriously. These are exciting times.

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